TL;DR: I work as a content writer and editor near New Haven, Connecticut. I have two sons, two cats, and a turtle.

I’ve been creating content for a wide range of brands since 2011. I’ve freelanced for marketing agencies like Skyword, Digital Current, Media Shower, and Organic Media Group. I’ve also worked full time as a copy editor for several years, first in MetLife’s creative studio and then at Ethan Allen headquarters.

My boss recently called me “a sculptor of words.” I kind of love that description.

All my life, I’ve loved music, from pitches and rhythms to the music of words. I play guitar, piano, and French horn, and I put words together. I think these skills go hand in hand: I have an ear for music, and I have an ear for writing, whether I’m composing the words or, as an editor, rearranging them.

I have the ability to be interested in pretty much anything, and I love to tackle any kind of writing, from spinning a story in long form to making every word count in a headline. I’m an analytical thinker, which means I care a lot about creating work that gets measurable results. I’m also excited to create and come up with new ideas and new ways to say things that have been said many times. I love being part of teams that are making digital marketing happen, whether that’s in implementing a sitewide on-page SEO strategy or working on brand voice for social media posts. I also enjoy helping organizations of all kinds develop their communications.

But here’s what you really want to know:

There are plenty of purveyors of wordsmithery out there, so what makes me unique? I would say I’m—

  • Emotionally intelligent. I’m good at putting myself in the shoes of the reader, whether I’m writing for them or editing something they’re about to see, and pinpointing the best way to help a brand connect with them. Bonus: This trait makes me able to work well on almost any team (i.e., not a diva—good to know).
  • Observant. I have a knack for seeing how all the parts of a project fit together. I’m good at sizing up a situation, seeing who needs to do what, and delivering fast. Not Domino’s Pizza fast, but still pretty fast.
  • Versatile. I’ve written everything from an e-book for a business intelligence software company to social media posts for one of the company’s leading furniture retailers. In orchestra, you have to be able to play Mozart just as well as you play Gershwin. I think the same should apply to writing.
  • Strategic. I believe things need to happen for a reason. You don’t create content assets just to have them; they should be working hard for you. And that’s what I’ll be doing. Working hard for you, so that good things can happen to your business.

If you’re looking for assistance with writing, copy editing, or content strategy, feel free to contact me about individual projects and/or longer-term contracts. If you’re like, “Eh, I dunno,” it’s okay. You can browse my portfolio while you think it over. You can also scrutinize my employment history on LinkedIn.

If you decide to contact me, great! Here’s a handy button to make that happen: